Sigh. Being shown up by children is the worst, isn’t it?


You think they’re only capable of looking cute and not much else, until they pull out stunts that force feelings of both awe and inadequacy. The dancing-child-in-music-videos trope is a common one. There’s nothing like a group of point perfect kids to make you reassess your life. Sigala, for example. The brand new mystery (ish) producer has just released a video for his Jackson 5 toting new track "Easy Love".

It’s a release that wears its heart on its sleeve and can’t help but force a smile on your face, and its video is a quiet show stealer, featuring two Canadian hip hop dancers, Lucky Aces, pulling out their best to a series of other dance gangs who just can’t top them.



The talented dancing child is no new concept in dance music videos. Employed early on by The Chemical Brothers, "Galvanise" was a monochrome turf war between school kids with mime faces who prove that sneaking into adult parties to dance doesn’t pay. We still envy their moves though.




Rudimental’s "Not Giving In" has a similar threatening vibe, what with its overtones of knife crime, gun sale and gang-related themes. Overlook the sadness however and you have a group of incredibly talented child break dancers. Every cloud, eh.




At least Rudimental’s break dancing hooligans have got each other. The fancy footwork master of SebAstien’s "Embody" is a sad solo effort! Luckily he finds a friend at the end, having been ignored by three minutes worth of boring people.



Friend Within’s "The Renegade" is a cheery note to end on. A synchronised dance off we can all get behind, more of this please!



"Easy Love" is out to buy on September 4th. Learn the moves so that when it comes out, you can dance along.