This is our guide to the craziest town and festival in the UK.

Boomtown Fair returns today for four manic days of madness, music and…. rain. With 22 main stages hosting a huge array of genres including, ska, reggae, folk, world, hip-hop, drum & bass, jungle, house, garage and so much more. Held at Matterley Estate bowl in Winchester, over 50,000 imaginative minds become residents of the eight distinct districts the festival has to offer, all with heavy thunderstorms forecast the latest predictions look less than promising. 

With this in mind, it’s essential that you set up camp with minimal fuss.


With all these different districts to choose from, which one will you call home?

Barrio Loco


A district of Latino celebration, Barrio Loco brings you some bad ass bass music to soak up into your soul with hip-hop, garage, bass & house. Venues include; Poco Loco,Circo Bassline, The Dance-Off!, El Espectáculo Esqueleto and spontaneous street parties.




ChinaTown's music policy is strictly all things ska and punk. From skank-tastic ska, ska punk, rockin punk, folk punk, polka punk, hell-jazz 'n' roll, pretty much all areas of this anarchic genre are covered here. The wonder of neon lights and hidden alleyways tempt you to explore into its many delights. Venues include the ChinaTown Courtyard and Devilkicks Dancehall.

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DSTRKT 5 has some of the most popular venues for late night naughtiness including Boombox, The Bodyshop and the brand new nine-story Bang-Hai Palace! Lurking within these seedy establishments is the very best in drum & bass, garage, jungle and heavy bass.


Wild West


The Wild West is now an almighty powerhouse of thigh slapping, Stetson slinging, cider swigging sounds with the very best in folk, roots, world, hillbilly and a whole lot of yeehaaaa! Venues include The Old Mines, Rusty Spurs & Crazy Calamities Saloon.




Mayfair Avenue is the hub of high society with its swanky electro-swing clubs and live swing bands. Symbols of greed can be seen everywhere, from the grandiose buildings to the streets (almost) literally paved with gold. The residents in the decadent houses within the gated communities of Mayfair Avenue are Boom Town's influential and elite. Venues include; The Ballroom, The Bandstand and Bump (Roller Disco).

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Old Town


Old Town wasn't always the dilapidated, rum-stained port it is today. It was once all that stood of Boomtown, a hideaway for those who made their fortunes by fair means or foul across the 7 seas. Oldtown brings you gypsy, Balkan and folk – all surrounded by the infamous Jolly Dodger Pirate Ship!

Whistlers Green

Whistlers Green has become the perfect retreat from all the madness of the fair. This magical and spiritual ‘hippy’ zone of BoomTown is on hand to soothe your aching soul with crazy activities and workshops, as well as some of the very best of folk, blues and world music!


TrenchTown host the best in dub, reggae, dancehall and jungle across three venues: The Lion's Den, Hidden Woods and Tangle Roots. The Lion's Den Temple of TrenchTown is all set to return as the UK's largest reggae stage. For Chapter 7 it has undergone some pretty impressive upgrades and has been relocated to a previously uninhabited part of the city.


Sunrise Area

Following on from the Sunrise cancellation statement last month, the two festivals can now confirm that a Sunrise area will go ahead as they further the plans to create an experience bringing the full Sunrise Celebration to BoomTown with a brand new meadow and woodland zone being especially created.



Tickets are still available to purchase from their official website here


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