We're back with some more of the weird and wonderful humans of Ultra Music Festival 2015.

Ultra is the behemoth festival that closes out Miami Music Week every year. Think of it as a big brash carnival of EDM, rave kandi and nipple stickers. Perhaps more than any other festival, attendees take their outfits très seriously and as a result of that, it makes for a bloody good photoblog. We've already brought you twenty of our favourite Ultra attendees in part one, so now here's another batch of our all-time favourite people. 

Part three is over here


The Tindr date


The so OMG Internet stuff IRL


The "we have a right laugh, don't we?!?!"


The Ultimate Warriors


The multi-lingual novelty hat brigade


The sleepy bro


The "come at me bro" bro


The Mexican bros


The neon-fingered bro


The raver Barbie


The "don't tell my mom I smoke at shows" Barbie


The my first comedown Barbie


The sexy rave-pirate


The 'I don't even know what life is anymore'


The cyber-punk roadman


The to protect and serve


The spirit journey


the "don't go into the light, bro" bro


The wild, wild three-way


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