Get hyped for Get Twisted with Luvstuff on the SoundOff decks.



First of all thanks for doing an exclusive mix for us, what did you go for in the mix? 

We've gone for some of our favourite records around right now, with a couple of new ones from us, finished off with an absolute classic from Sagat, which is pretty special to us for obvious reasons.


Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

It's a bit of both really, there's definitely a lot of tracks in there that are doing it for our dancefloors right now, but whenever we put together a mix we think it's important to be able to connect with the music if you're listening at home or in your car too.


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

We usually let other people worry about describing the music we make or play. Recently there was a bit of a debate about whether it was deep house, techno or speed garage.  We know we have a pretty unique and recognisable sound and that's important but we don't like to put any boundaries around us, especially in the studio. We just do what feels right. If we had to, in two words, dark & bassy.


How did you first get into music, when did you know you wanted to be DJs?

For both of us it was at a young age. Sam's dad was a DJ and used to work a lot with hard house legend Tony De Vit. When he passed away Sam took to the decks out of interest and hasn’t wanted to do anything else since. Marky grew up listening to dance music, and eventually learnt to play the piano. It was a natural progression to DJ'ing and production.


How are you finding the move from individual artists to DJ duo?

We got together back in 2006, aside from a two year break when Electro, Dubstep & DnB took over the scene. We’ve rarely DJ'd apart- it would be a bit strange if we did, when you've been working together as long as we have you learn how to read each other and we know what the other is about to do, that's why you will hardly see us speak to each other during a set. We're just in the zone and enjoying ourselves.


What have you got coming up on the horizon?

We've got a pretty exciting year ahead of us, with releases on MadTech and Kevin Saunderson's KMS, which are two very well respected and very professional labels to be working with. We're also working on something pretty special for the summer for Get Twisted, which is our home from home. There's a few other things in the pipeline too including some collabs, but if we told you, we would have to... you know the drill.


What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

The scene just keeps growing and growing. There's a very healthy crossover to the mainstream too, perfectly demonstrated by the Tough Love lads with So Freakin' Tight. I'm sure they're amazed at the success of the release, but it's the result of a lot of hard work and talent. 


Who are the most exciting underground artists that our readers might not have heard of, but who you think will be big names to come?

We're huge fans of people like Mark Henning and Miguel Bastida, they're about as underground as they come and their music is faultless, but these guys are also very well established. There's definitely some people we've got our eye on too, check out Jey Kurmis, Karuva and our friends Toucàn.


How do you find working as a duo, do you take it in turns to mix tracks in when preforming or are you working together?

Working as a duo is great, we're best friends and we're doing what we love. We always play our sets back to back but we're working together at the same time too, anyone who's ever played out in a club will know there is a lot more to being a DJ than just mixing two tracks together, tune selection is key, and modern technology means there are endless effects to play with.


Who are your biggest influences?

There's so many to mention that stretch right back to duos like Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers. We've also been influenced a lot by artists like Burial, Inner City and Tiga, so pretty eclectic. We take a lot of notice of current artists too, we're massive fans of guys like Dusky and Huxley, and Damian Lazarus is probably the coolest person to have ever walked the Earth, we watched him finish his set at Tobacco Docks with Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.


What do you like to do on your day off, what’s a typical Sunday like for you?

Recently Sunday's are usually spent at an after party or recovering from an after party. On the odd occasion where we get the weekend off, Marky spends his free time with the family and Sam, well he's probably still at an after party.


How do you prepare for a gig?

We do the usual things, work on re-edits, try to finish off some of our new material to test out and we do a lot of track searching and promo downloading too. Right before a gig we like to relax with our friends, who are always there to support us, and have a drink. It's good to hang out with the people in the crowd too and see what kind of vibe they're on.


Tell us something we don’t know about Luvstuff…

Sam has a horse and Marky 2 children, both boys 2 & 5- future music hero's!


Get yourself down to Get Twisted on April 18th if you're into quality bass music. You can grab a ticket here.


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