How many of these people will you be able to clock on your holiday?


Ibiza’s party population are a glorious bunch of sun kissed and fabulous clubbers, fed on a diet of the finest dance music and vodka, resting for nobody because a) it’s summer and b) Instagram doesn’t sleep.

However, in between the beautiful beach bums there are always a few misfits - so we’ve set out a guide to spotting the fun loving criminals who keep the White Isle grounded. We’ve turned catching them into a game that’ll (maybe) liven up the time you spend in the Ushuaïa queue


Women In Matching Outfits/ Women In Dress Up

Most of the world was under the impression that dressing up should have stayed in Fresher’s week, but then again, Ibiza kind of is Fresher’s week, but for people who have conquered pacing themselves. This means that dress up is back on the cards, though this time it’s serious (ly more expensive).

Points for Women In Matching Outfits: 5


Sun Seekers

Sun seekers can be anyone, so long as they’re three shades of wrinkled brown darker than is healthy. Think old people who have lived in Ibiza since the beginning of time; people who self-tan before going on holiday to ‘set a base coat’; nudists.

Points for Sun Seekers: 8



Celebrities of all calibre end up at Ibiza on their summer sojourns- Kate Moss seems to have a time share with the entire island, for example. With this in mind, they can’t be too hard to spot- so minor points if you do clock a load of ‘famous’ people.

Points for Celebrities: 1


Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom having a fight

This happened last year. If it happens this year, and you witness it, you have not only won this game, but you have won Ibiza.

Points for Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom having a fight: At least 100, depending on who gets taken out first.


Obviously, we're only joking. Amongst the old saggies and members of TOWIE in every nightclub, Ibiza hosts some of the finest parties in the world. We're even throwing a few of them!


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