Are these images DJ stills or Urban Outfitters adverts?


There's a new reality show about becoming an EDM DJ.

Fast facts:

- It's backed by Tiesto

- No DJ experience is required

- You can watch it on Vevo and vote for it on Tumblr. #milennial

- t's called Your Shot.

It comes with an Instagram-inspired, thigh gap advocating trailer that is completely bewildering. It's full of gratuitous shots of girls' asses and a patriotic tribute to how being in America, the land of opportunity, automatically means that anyone can be a Superstar DJ. We were so thrown by the whole spectacle that dissecting choice stills seemed to be the only way to engage with it.


So without further delay, lets see if you can guess which images are stills from the Your Shot trailer and which are from fashion ad campaigns.


Supreme or Superstar (DJ)?

Answer: Superstar DJ


Beatport or Beats by Dre?

Answer: Beatport


American Apparel or America's Next Top Producer?

Answer: American Apparel


Boiler Room or Boiler Suit?

Answer: Boiler Suit


Jack Off or Jack U?

Answer: Jack U


Tiest-o or Tiest-no?

Answer: :(


Don't believe us? You can watch the full trailer here:


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