We’re hugely looking forward to welcoming Basement Jaxx to head up our bank holiday Doorly & Friends lineup this coming May 2nd


Bastions of South London's musical landscape, Felix and Simon have been creating inventive and intelligent electronic music for nearly 20 years.

Listing the group’s aural history would be a massive lesson in futility. Everyone knows their tunes, so why list them? It’s their visuals that don’t get enough love. Album artwork, music videos, tour concepts - all come with a unique approach to playing with image and sound.


Remedy album cover, 1999

Entering the music industry with an appropriately fitting bang, Basement Jaxx’s debut album cover is a contender for best of the decade. Sexy, silly and more than a little confusing (bum or leg?), Remedy is pretty much a call to get freaky, with tracks like "Rendez-Vu", "Red Alert" and "Bingo Bango" making it a banger.


"Romeo" music video, 2001

The video for "Romeo" is a popcorn chicken sized snackette of Basement Jaxx’s obsession with popular culture. Filmed like an 8mm Bollywood film, it features Divya Dutta, an Indian actress who leads a troupe of dancers into an old school, no expense spared frenzy.


Where’s Your Head At video, 2001

Probably the Jaxx’s most recognisable ‘anthem’, Do Your Thing’s video matches its audio in memorability. Crazy DJing monkeys and mad professors, "Where’s Your Head At" firmly stamped a simian spirit animal print on the face of Basement Jaxx.


Dizzee Rascal, Lucky Star, 2004

Pre "Bonkers" and Shakira collaborations, Dizzee Rascal was an XL signed young talent from Bow. Jumping on "Lucky Star" with his then label mates, the video is a slice of intergalactic urban fantasy. More than worth it for a teenage Dizzee in his prime.


Scars Characters, Mat Maitland, 2009

Maitland’s played a hefty role in the Basement Jaxx look since 2009. His designs for Scars are crisp-but-crazy cross stitches of animals in human clothes - owls in the outback wearing space helmets and armoured up sea pandas.


He went on to create matching tour visuals, as well as piecing together their "Back 2 The Wild" video from most recent album, Junto. 

Bravo! 20 years of hard work has landed Basement Jaxx a platform where creating a twerking robot for a music video seems like a completely valid thing to do.


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