With WMC 2016 just around the corner, we thought we'd re-up our round-up of everything we saw, heard and smelt in Miami last year


Last week we jetted off to Miami to make a film about WMC, Ultra, Miami Music Week and all the other craziness that's been happening on the last week in March every year for the past 30 years. It was an amazing experience, one which we'll never forget (and struggle to remember). The full length film will be out in a few weeks - watch a teaser here - and it'll hopefully give you a good idea of what Miami is all about, but in the meantime here are some of the things were learnt along the way.


Miami Is A Paradise (Duh!)

White sands, palm trees, endless sunshine, mojitos, beautiful people, parties around ever corner - we could get used to this!


Cheetos And Estrella Are A Winning Combination

We're all about the spicy, crunchy, variety of Cheetos. And Barcelona's favourite beer perfectly offsets that fiery flavour. 


Electric Shisha Is Our Next Hype

It tastes delicious and has the added bonus of making you look like a G without clogging up the old lungs.


Miami Is A City Of Bridges

And every one of them gives you a stunning view, day or night.


Heaven Is A Pool Party With Free Drinks

Can we get these in London already?


Seriously The Pools Here Are Incredible

Even in the rain.


Live Dance Music Is Alive & Kicking

As Rodrigues Jr demonstrated with a blinding live performance of "Strings Of Life".


CDJs Come With Wheels Now

They can also come built into an electric guitar, a Millennium Falcone and a jet pack.


Burrito Breaks Are Essential

All this documenting works up an appetite.


Mr Brown Has More Records Than You

Local Miami, DJ Mr Brown, has a three-bed house packed floor to ceiling with vinyl.


In Miami They Take Flyering To Whole New Heights

If you want to get noticed in this city, you better get yourself a plane.


Todd Terry Is The Man

When it comes to house music, nobody knows his stuff like our man Todd. His InHouse Records Showcase was definitely a highlight.


Ocean Drive IS #SpringBreak

If you like neon lights, scantily-clad waitresses , loud clothes and louder music, hit up Ocean Drive from sunset onwards for an eye-opening slice of Spring Break debauchery.


Grocery Shopping Is Way More Fun In America

Everything's so big and bright and colourful and cheap and delicious.


Especially When You Get To The Cereal Aisle

My. God.


When It Rains It Pours

For most of the week Miami was an idyllic paradise that makes London look like Mordor by comparison, but on the Friday night the heavens opened and the winds howled. Palm trees were rocking, lightening was flashing, sound systems were cutting out all over the place and we were cold for the first time in six days. It was almost apocalyptic. 


But Even That Can't Stop The Party

As the madness ramped up for Ultra weekend last night, Miami was drenched in a tropical downpour, but even that couldn't stop the vibes.

Posted by Ministry of Sound on Saturday, 28 March 2015

As this guy expertly demonstrates.


This Year, Ultra Was All About Special Guests

Arianna Grande, Usher, Justin Bieber, Diplo, P Diddy and Martin Garrix all made special appearances during other artists' sets over the course of the weekend.


And The ONLY Way To Arrive There Is By Speed Boat

Like our man David Guetta Here.


Hardwell Is Still The Most In-Demand Man In Miami

I guess that comes with the territory of being No.1 DJ in the world two years running.


Rave Kandi Is Still Very Much 'A Thing'

Yeah, we don't get it either, but it seems to keep American's happy.


Nervo Are Still Our No.1 DJ Crush




But They Might Have Competition

From Columbian jacking house producer, Lupe Fuentes.


The Red Bull Guest House Had Some Seriously Cool Stuff

Like this SBTRKT visual art installation, an appearance by Lil Wayne and a Sunday lunch cooked up by techno legend Kevin Saunderson


But They Couldn't Top A Certain Rapper's Party

He had unicorns...


Basically, The Main Thing We Learnt Was Miami Is Incredible

And we didn't want to leave. But unfortunately we had to.


Miami Sessions Is Out Now: iTunes | Amazon


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Our film about Miami will be coming out very soon, you can watch teasers for it here, here and here.




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