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Each edition features an exclusive mix and interview with an artist who has been handpicked by the team at Ministry Magazine.

This week we have club favourite, Low Steppa, making his Spotlight debut. The Birmingham-based Will Bailey has been making a name for himself as a producer, DJ and label head.

Recently he's been garnering a lot of hype as the host of a monthly show on Rinse FM, along with running his own Simma Black label, regularly playing Ministry of Sound and releasing his biggest track to date - the Natalie Wood featuring, "Drifting".

He has an unmistakable garage-tinted house sound that will leave you yearning for the summer. Listen to his mix and read our exclusive interview below.



What did you go for in the mix? Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

This is the vibe that I like to play out and also some new stuff from my label Simma Black including my new EP with Reset Safari.


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

I prefer to call it house mainly, but people seem to love being more specific but its hard because some of my stuff is garage influenced and then some is more house influenced so its very hard to give it a name.


How did you first get in to music, when did you know you wanted to be DJ?

I knew from about the age of 14 but I didnt get any decks until I was 18 but I was just hooked. I used to pretend to DJ in my bedroom before I got my decks. It was a lot different back then, I only knew of a couple of others DJs. Not like now when everyone man and his dog is doing it plus there was something really special about record decks and vinyl, a magic that a lot of kids have no idea about which is a shame. I started buying vinyl before I actually got my first set of decks. I could talk about this forever!


What have you got coming up on the horizon?

Lots of releases, one on OFF Recordings in the summer, one of my favourite labels. I also have a release on Spinnin over the summer too.


What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set at Saturday sessions?

I like to mix it up, some bass heavy stuff, some vocal bits and some raw house vibes.


What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

I think music is really good right now, much better than a few years ago, and nice to see the UK leading a lot of it as well. I do feel though music can get saturated a lot quicker now though due to so many people making music now and lots of DJs using ghost writers.


Who are the most exciting underground artists that our readers might not have heard of but who you think will be big names to come?

Reset Safari, Marc Spence, Soulgroove off the top of my head...


You’ve had a lot of aliases over the years, how did you come up with Low Steppa and do you think you’ll stick with this one?

Yeah this is definitely my favourite thing so far and I'd like to think this will keep me busy for a while but you never really know what's round the corner in this game.


How do you prepare for a gig?

Few Vodkas...


Who are your dream collaborators, past or present?

For Old School (and that doesn't mean these guys aren't smashing it now) I'd love to work with Masters At Work, Todd Edwards, Grant Nelson. New School I love stuff like Sidney Charles and Hector Couto so that would be fun.


What do you like to do on your day off, what’s a typical Sunday like for you?

Typical Sunday is a nice roast and sleep but I love to watch movies, listen to some older music, chill out, spend time with my family, nothing crazy, normal things. Currently on a bit of a diet and gym vibe so you can find me in the gym a lot right now.


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