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This week we have Bristol's own underground heroes, Kry Wolf. The duo of Bill Francis and Lewis Darvill have been making a name for themselves across the south coast both for their own productions and for their legendary Sumo club night. After running the Sounds of Sumo label for a number of years, the duo became involved with much hyped label Food Music, which boasts music from people as diverse as Shadow Child, Hannah Wolf, Zinc and Kill Frenzy.

Due, to support two of their musical heroes - Derrick May and Kenny Larkin - this weekend, we got the Bristol boys to give us a sneak peek at what to expect this weekend and got a look into the minds of two of the UK's most exciting producers.


of two of the UK's most exciting producers.


First of all thanks for doing an exclusive Spotlight mix for us, what did you go for? Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

This is def more of a representation of what we play in the clubs but this time we went down a little bit more of a techno route with it.


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

We have a very varied sound, whether it be house, bass, techno or whatever we try and make everything sound unique.


How did you both first get in to music, when did you know you wanted to be DJs?

L: I used to hang around a record shop in Portsmouth as a kid called Solid Groove which was run by Aubrey. I used to do odd jobs for them for promo’s they didn’t want. Was fascinated ever since then really.

B: After seeing Fatboy Slim playing at the Brighton Beach Boutique I knew I wanted to get into writing and playing music.


What have you got coming up on the horizon?

We have an EP coming out on Madtech and big new Food Music project called the DNA series which we will shouting about very soon.


What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set on Saturday 11th October?

Derrick May & Kenny Larkin are 2 massive influences on us so we will be hoping to put something special together to warrant being on the same stage as them but it will be a mix of old and new house and techno.


What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

It's the strongest it's been for a long time. The clubs are rammed, there’s festivals still popping up everywhere of all different shapes and sizes, it's dominating the radio which is all amazing! The only negative is there does seem to be a lot of people making stuff that sounds the same but suppose it was always going to happen with this explosion of “deep house”.


Who are the most exciting underground artists that our readers might not have heard of, but who you think will be big names to come?

Got a few beauties coming out on Food Music but they're not signed contracts yet so cant tell you yet.


Who are your biggest influences?

There are so many to choose from but the first few that come to mind are Basement Jaxx, Prodigy, Slipmatt, LTJ Bukem and Jeff Mills.


What do you like to do on your day off, what’s a typical Sunday like for you both?

Normally travelling Sundays to be honest, but if we have a Sunday to ourselves it would involve food with friends or an ale in nice pub.


How do you prepare for a gig? 

A bit of meditation or yoga maybe..


Who are your dream collaborators, past or present?

Prince, Basement Jaxx, Giorgio Moroder, Jim Morrison, Roots Manuva are a few.

of two of the UK's most exciting producers.


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