We all know that birthday parties are just an excuse to get messed up, but ahead of their performances at the Rinse 20th birthday this Saturday, we asked renowned party boys Skream and Route 94 to reveal some of their secrets to a good knees up!


What is the best birthday party you’ve ever been to?

Route 94: My Nan's, she always knows how to get down. 

Skream: The fabric one last year was mental, I'd been up for five days, got there in fancy dress with Dave & Seth dragging it up. After I finished my set on the Monday morning I had gone blind for a bit …epic!


How did you celebrate your own birthday this year? 

R: I actually went to dinner, I like to do something other than loud music on my birthday.

S: A load of us went out for dinner, organised by the one and only Seth Troxler, which was really good. All my mates in the one room. Wicked.


What would you buy each other as a birthday present?

R: Some small people and tiny trees for his train set.

S: A drink.



Out of everyone playing on the lineup, who is most likely to be the last man standing?

R: Maybe not standing, but the last one to be alive is always Skream.


Conversely, are there any renowned lightweights in the scene? 

R: Secondcity

S: Dave Poll


What is the longest bender you have ever been on?

R: A guy called Muarice in Soho .... he was 6ft 7 

S: Thats a tough one… so many to chose from. I’m sure everyone has a story about me though so they can go with.


What’s your one piece of advice to anyone throwing a house party?

R: Always do it at some elses house 

S: Go as hard as you can.


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