We get you, the people, to grill house hero Erick Morillo


We get to interview dance music's best and brightest all the time, so we thought it'd be fun to put the power in your hands and let you, the Ministry of Sound fans, interview the revered Mr. Morillo.

A few weeks ago we put out a call on Facebook and Twitter asking for you guys to get in touch with the one question you were itching to ask Erick. We were inundated with responses, but we've collected some of the best below.


Viktoria Vajda: According to Morillo, his most memorable job was on Ibiza’s White Isle after the September 11 attacks. I would be interested to know if, after all those years, this would be the one he actually highlights as "the one".

Erick Morillo: It’s definitely the moment that comes to mind whenever I’m asked which is my most memorable show. It was a very sad time as a result of what had just occurred in NYC and I was trying my best to comfort the people as best I could through music. The last song "New York, New York" allowed everyone to let go of all of their emotions and it was a domino affect, one person started crying and within minutes everyone was crying and hugging one another. It was such a surreal experience.


Valentino Petrescu: When will you be touring the UK again?

At the moment I'm in the process of planning the 2015 European tour and it will include several UK visits. Stay tuned!


Andrew Darwin: After Subliminal left Pacha in Ibiza, why don't you host the event at another club on the island?

My management team is in talks with several venues and hopefully they will find a venue that's a perfect fit.


Alvaro Maia: When are you coming back to Portugal? We need you here!

In 2015 for sure. It’s been a while since I played in Portugal. I’m definitely looking forward to vising Portugal in 2015!


Angel Negron: Would you ever put soulful and deep house on your label? At the moment it's trending up big time.

The Subliminal label is re-launching at the end of the year. The Label will continue to focus on releasing great quality house music that will definitely include deep house and possibly some soulful house music as well.


Adrian Alvarez: What made you return to DJing?

DJing is my passion!


Mark Watson: Can you dance? The word is DJ's can't dance, but can you?

I really get into my sets. It’s just a natural reaction and I can dance all night as long as the vibe is right and the dancefloor is rocking!



Mark Watson: What is your favourite type of cake?

Chocolate ice cream cake.


Per Pedersen: What's your best tip to upcoming artists?

Develop your own unique sound and believe in yourself. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.


RubenLIVE: Any Gigs planned in Paris anytime soon?

In 2015 my touring schedule will allow me to play in Paris several times throughout the year. Keep an eye on my Facebook fan page for the latest show dates.


Raileanu Petrut-Alex: Every DJ has his own ritual before a big gig. What is yours?

I like to listen to promos several hours before the show. I love when I have hot new tracks that most people have not listen to - it makes the show extremely exciting. I also tend to eat a light meal and nap at least one hour before I head over to the venue.


Lotte ellis: When are you next playing at Ministry of Sound? Last time was epic.

I’ll be playing Ministry of Sound on November 8th  It's another marathon set, so get ready!


What was your worst experience in the music industry?

When I first started producing music, I was turned down repeatedly by the record labels. As a 19 year old kid at the time, it was difficult to deal with all of the rejection. However, I never gave up and the rejections made me a stronger person.  I turned the negative experience into motivation and worked extra hard knowing one day it would pay off.


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