In preparation for the CUFF takeover at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 6th December, we decided to feature rising CUFF affiliate, STUFF. Following in the footsteps of label mate Sirus Hood, STUFF has stepped up to deliver an incredible hour-long journey through French and G House. 

STUFF began DJing during the burgeoning 2007 French Electro scene alongside famous names such as Miss Kittin and Acid Washed, he has moved on to a mixture of what he calls "furious house" and Miami bass. 

Listen to the mix and learn more about the budding French star in our exclusive interview below.



First of all thanks for doing an exclusive mix for us, what did you go for in the mix? Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

This mix is a representation of what I love to play out now and what I listen at home too …because yes, I also love to listen to club music at home and dance in my studio…


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

My sound is , my sound, i don’t really think music has fixed limits , like categories…. it’s somewhere between house, techno, electro …. I love so much different kind of music and I love to make something different ,mixing all my influences


How did you first get into music, when did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

I always been into the music since my childhood. When I was a kid, I was really lucky because my older brother was a DJ and he gave me a lot of music . I remember, in my parent’s house, my bedroom was full of a huge collections of vinyl promos for an old club which were mainly disco, funk, Italo-disco, new wave and all the kind of 70’s and 80’s stuff. So I started to make mixtapes with all my favorite songs and share them with friends. I would be so proud when I found something that I was the only one to know. So finally I was already a Dj but I didn’t really realise it yet.


What have you got coming up on the horizon?

I have a lot of new music to come and I put some exclusives into this mix. I've got a lot of gigs everywhere and I'm working on different projects with some big collaborators. So, yeah, the future sounds really exciting!


What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set at CUFF?

I think the crowd can expect something different than the usual sound you get at Ministry of Sound, or even in the UK, because I love to surprise and I play a different set every time, it really depends of the atmosphere . But, I remember , last time I played,the energy was so good that I didn’t want to stop the music at the end of the night!


You seem to represent the reincarnation of the French House scene, do you see the French revival gathering even more force in the coming years?

I'm part of a new wave of french people who will for sure will make the difference in a few months


What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

For me the dance music scene is really exciting at this moment because a a new generation is here


Who are the most exciting underground artists that our readers might not have heard of but who you think will be big names to come?

You have to take care of Clyde P and K-lagane who will play on the 6TH December too and they are both incredible artists with their own crazy universes


Who are your biggest influences?

I think my biggest influence is Maceo plex aka Maetrik, Ariel Ito etc…., music without limits and always with good taste. This guy is never wrong, he can do anything and it’s always brilliant!


Who are your dream collaborators, past or present?

Again Maceo Plex is, of course, one of the guys I would love to collaborate with.


What do you like to do on your day off, what’s a typical Sunday like for you?

On my day off, I'm a huge fan of old motorcycles, the cafe racer style. So if I'm home, I love to work on them, to do mechanical things and go around to have a trip in my mountains (I live in french alps).


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