UK Garage legends Foundation AKA Sticky & Scott Garcia reveal their 10 favourite garage tracks as part of Ministry of Sound's Versus campaign


Both established legends in their own rights, Scott Garcia and Sticky joined forces to create "Foundation," a project focussing on their appreciation of classic UK Garage music. Between them, the pair have had pivotal roles in discovering and releasing material from the likes of Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew, DJ Luck and MC Neat and as producers they've been responsible for timeless UKG tracks such as 'It’s A London Thing', 'Things We Do For Love' and 'Booo!'.


24 hr Experience - "Together"


Scott Garcia: One of the first UK Garage tracks i heard and still a favourite in the clubs to this day, never fails to get a big reaction on the dance floor.


Myron - "We Can Get Down" (Groove Chronicles Remix)

Scott Garcia: This track is velvet UK Garage at its very best, haunted vibes and a seriously low sub bass. A really classy track probably my fave GC record


Double 99 - "R.I.P. Groove"

Scott Garcia: Taken from the legendary D99 double pack RIP Groove was the first and still the best Speed Garage track ever made.


Sunship - "Check One,Two"

Scott Garcia: Always loved the arrangement on the intro of this track, the stabs and vocal just cut through the mix and basically sound great with anything, incredibly DJ Friendly track!


Tuff Jam Republic - "Just Gets Better"

Scott Garcia: Perfect combination of rolling drums, soulful tones and pitched up edits. Could have easily done a top 10 Tuff Jam records as they put out so much good music in the late 90's but this one, as the chorus says "just gets better with time" Classic!


DJ Luck and MC Neat - "With A Little Bit Of Luck"

Sticky: A great starter for the club sets. The pads at the beginning set the tone of the night.


Zed Bias - "Neighbourhood"

Sticky: One of my favourite Zed Bias creations. Standardly gets played with confidence it's going to do damage.


Sia - "Little Man" (Wookie Remix)

Sticky: Great drop on this smasher. Minimum of three rewinds every time!


Roy Davis JR. - Gabriel Ft. Peven Everett

Sticky: I LOVE  how the intro starts. No build up just straight in with the bass.

Kele Le Roc - "My Love"

Sticky: This is what I was playing before I became Sticky. Big tune from the classy lady.

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