Have a look at some of the house anthems that broke out from the underground and made it all the way to the top of the UK Singles Chart


I didn't want to be too picky with this list so there aren't that many rules. Generally speaking all the tracks made it to No.1 on the Official UK Singles Chart, most of them are from artists little known in mainstream music before this particular hit and pretty much all of them can be broadly described as house (at least in the terms of a UK Singles Chart breakdown). 

They're listed below in the order in which I could remember them. Enjoy!


The Shapeshifters - "Lola's Theme"

If you went to a fairground at pretty much any time in the mid noughties, you'll probably remember the exact moment in time when "Lola's Theme" supplanted Haddaway's "What Is Love" as the Waltzer-operator's go to song for soundtracking his over-priced teacups-based adrenalin ride. Fun Fact: The Shapeshifters' Simon Marlin was inspired to write the song after listening to his wife, Lola's record collection.


Roger Sanchez - "Another Chance"

The vocal line for Roger Sanchez's mainstream breakthrough, "Another Chance" was taken from "I Won't Hold You Back" by American soft-rock weather-ponderers Toto, of "Africa" fame.


Eric Prydz - "Call On Me"

The first in a stream of crossover hits from underground favourite, Mr. Prydz. This one became infamous for it's insanely catchy vocal hook and it's iconic Ministry of Sound directed music video. And it inspired thousdands of men to get back in the gym.


Modjo - "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)"

This song had all the making of a house-crossover hit: french producers? Check. Catchy Vocal? Check. Riff taken from a song written by Chic and Nile Rodgers? Check. So it was no surprise when the previously uncharted Modjo debuted right at that coveted No.1 spot. Unfortunately their latter efforts would fail to break the top 10, but their self-titled album from 2001 is still worth a look.


Steve 'Silk' Hurley - "Jack Your Body"

This was the watershed moment for dance music. "Jack Your Body" by Steve 'Silk' Hurley was the first ever house record to get to No.1 in the UK. All the way back in 1986 - a whole half decade before Ministry of Sound opened it's doors. This paved the way for Acid House and the explosion of dance culture across the mainstream music scene. Unfortunately this was Steve's only success in the UK charts - which might have something to do with his outright refusal to promote "Jack Your Body".


Armand Van Helden - "You Don't Know Me"

In January 1999, Armand Van Helden stormed to the top of the UK Singles Charts with his debut "You Don't Know Me", 15 years later and if you put this on at any house party it is 100% guaranteed to go of. Fun Fact: if you search "you don't know me" on YouTube, this track doesn't even make the first page of results, despite being one of the most instantly recognisable dance songs in existence. Seems like someone needs to sort out their SEO!


Mr. Oizo - "Flat Beat"

While genre purists might be saying "hold up, this isn't house", I say that it's difficult enough to categorize the manic repetition and diabolical craziness that spews from the mind of Quentin Dupieux, never mind trying to shoehorn it into listical friendly genres like "House" and "Disco". So just deal with it and press play on this 10/10 banger.


DJ Rui Da Silva - "Touch Me"

Fun Fact: Rui Da Silva was the first Portuguese artist to ever top the UK Singles Chart and he did so with his classic, "Touch Me". If you were an avid Essential Mix fan around 2006-2010 you'll remember that the iconic vocal line from this track made up part of the opening soundbed.


Secondcity - "I Wanna Feel"

This one came out of nowhere in June 2014 and stormed right to the top of the charts, ushering in the UK house revival and cementing the piano once again at the forefront of dance music. Oh also, did I mention this was our 19th No.1? I did? Awesome. 


Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You"

OK, OK, OK, this one only made it to No.2. But let me make my case. This is an out and out dancefloor classic, it's still getting rewinds across the country to this day. It features one half of Daft Punk and it's infinitely better than "Get Lucky" - which did make it to No.1. So I reckon it more than deserves its place on this list.


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