SoundOf focuses on the DJs and producers who are making waves in the dance music underground.


Each edition features an exclusive mix and interview with an artist who has been handpicked by the team at Ministry Magazine. 

For the second edition of SoundOf, we got Scottish producer, Drums of Death - Colin Bailey to his mum - to turn in an amazing mix teeming with rare and unreleased material. After that we sat down with him for a chat about the music industry, emerging talent and why he abandoned his trademark facepaint. Enjoy!



MoS: Hi Colin! First of all thanks for doing an exclusive mix for us, what did you go for in the mix? Is this a representation of what you play out now or more what you listen to at home?

Drums of Death: I love big fat chords over tight kick drums so this mix has a lot of that.  This mix is the elements of my DJ set condensed into an hour.  I like to play for 2+ hours so this mix is a little window into my vibe.  I started it off melodic with KiNK and get it pumping with a new tune by myself, some Danny Daze, classic Roman Flugel and some Marquis Hawkes before it ends with some techno and finally deep, melodic business with future classics and a new demo under my brand new, real-name project.  I recorded the mix in one go at my agent's house in Glasgow, where I was staying last weekend, as I was up there to play a Scottish festival.


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound?

I think my sound is quite broad, from jacking house to big melodic techno. I sometimes even play some jungle at the end of a set.  I love the classic techno and house sounds but also play the newer UK bassy house vibe. The record just has to feel right.


How did you first get in to music, when did you know you wanted to be DJ?

I used to play in many bands as a kid and then I saw Green Velvet and it all changed.  Everything since then has just been me warming up.


What have you got coming up on the horizon?

I'm writing new DoD records and an album under my own name.  I've been producing and writing for some artists too.  It's been a cool experience but it's time to get my records done.


What can the Ministry of Sound crowd expect from your set at the We Are FSTVL afterparty?

A real mix of party music, all types of house, techno and club music but with the emphasis on the pump.  No EDM, no cheese, just that thump and those big fat chords haha.  You should know that I am so hyped to be playing at Ministry of Sound, so I'm going to bring my best game!


What do you think of the state of dance music at the minute?

The world of dance music is now so large. You now get to hear some great artists from all over the world and with some luck I get to go over and play in their country.  The current state of dance music means there are more people listening but simultaneously it's also harder to be heard.  But if a record nerd like me is making people dance then I guess it's in pretty good health.


Who are the most exciting underground artists that our readers might not have heard of but who you think will be big names to come?

I was just in Glasgow in the studio with Mia Dora, two great guys who make really good music.  Their tune "Clear" was one of Pete Tong's Essential Tune's last year and their live show is really cool.  The guys let me put a brand new track on this mix, it comes out on Glasgow's Optimo Trax sometime this year I think.  I'm also loving the label Work Them Records and it's boss-man Spencer Parker.  Exceptional techno, minimal but funky. Their recent 12" of Radio Slave remixed by Berlin's Rodhad is one of my favourite tracks this year, a seriously good tune.


You’ve made a name for yourself from your live performances, how do you psyche yourself up before a gig, do you have any rituals, any specific music you listen to?

Well, it's been all change. I've not played live since the start of last year.  I loved touring the live sets but I decided to just tour DJing.  I can play longer sets and besides, it's not all about me, me me… DJing keeps in me the enthusiastic and hyper inner-child who spends all his money on records.


When performing you used to wear your iconic voodoo/death facepaint. You don't seem to do that anymore, is it gone for good?

Ha, no. Well, I haven't worn the make-up for 2 years now.  I didn't announce the end of it, it just felt like the right time.  Drums of Death is just a name for me, Colin Bailey, to make music under.  When I started 5, 6 years ago all my music was so raw and I was so new it all, I played mad, east London warehouse raves and well, partied a lot.  I've become a better producer, played many shows, travelled a lot and worked with some great people. The time came to switch it up and push it on to the next level!


Great, thanks Colin!



KiNK - "Rachel" [Ovum]

Andre Bratten - "Trommer Og Bass" [Correspondant]

Drums of Death - "What We Do At Night" [Unreleased]

Danny Daze - "Beatdown" (Feat Translucent) [Ultramajic]

Roman Flugel - "Geht's Noch" [Cocoon Recordings]

Neville Watson - "Against The Tide" (Marquis Hawkes Remix) [Creme Organization]

Heiko Laux - "Lucho Part 2" [Ovum]

Aden - "Work" [Ultramajic]

Mia Dora - "Un-Sub" [Unreleased]

Radio Slave - "Repeat Myself" (Rodhad Remix) [Work Them Records]

Antonio Piacquadio - "Hold Up" (Radio Slave Ambulance Remix) [Inmotion Music]

Colin Bailey - "Be Strong" (Demo) [Unreleased]

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - "Man With The Red Face" [Toolroom Records]

Joris Voorn - "Ringo" [Green]

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