Ahead of his appearance this Saturday, dubstep hero, Doctor P, talks us through his ultimate dubstep drops


Knife Party - "Bonfire"

Doctor P: One of knife party's earliest and in my opinion, still one of their best.


Zomboy - "Terror Squad"

It's a straight up party tune, and I love dropping it.


Nero - "Promises" (Skrillex & Nero Remix)

I remember hearing this one for the first time. I knew immediately that it would work in my set, and it still works when I pull it out.

Doctor P - "Tetris"

It never fails to surprise me how crazy people go when I drop tetris! I've played it in every set I've done since I made it.


DJ Fresh - "Gold Dust"

Flux's Gold Dust remix is one of the tracks that helped launch him, and it's still an absolute classic. 


Datsik & Excision - "Swagger"

This was one of the first dubstep tracks I ever heard, and it definitely inspired me to make a lot of my own tracks.


Cookie Monsta - "Ginger Pubes"

Nothing about this track makes any musical sense, but it's always been one of my favourite dubstep tracks. When it first came out it was one of the highlights of my set every single time.


Doctor P - "Sweet Shop"

It's the track that first launched me as a DJ and producer, and I still love dropping it, even so many years after it came out.


Flux Pavilion - "Bass Cannon"

This track doesn't need much of an introduction. Flux told me he made it as a bit of fun, and it ended becoming a dubstep classic.


Rusko - "Woo Boost"

Rusko was arguably the first person to make proper dancefloor dubstep. Without him, me and the rest of the dubstep scene might never have happened as it did. This list wouldn't be complete without at least one track from Rusko!


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