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A multisensory energy transformation, with immersive visuals, soundscapes and breathwork by HarmOnyx & The Breath Guy.

You are invited to a very special evening guided by three expert pioneers in the fields of electronic music, high vibrational sound healing and breathwork.

In this ground-breaking immersive wellness experience for all the senses, worlds will collide as we transport you through a transformative mental, physical and emotional journey merging visuals, expansive psychoacoustic electronic soundscapes with guided breathwork and live high vibrational acoustic instruments.

Excite your nervous system in new ways using scientifically backed breathwork flows as unique soundscapes work to clear and harmonise your energy field, align your energy centres, unblock meridians and leave you buzzing with positive energy, a huge smile, flowing with ideas and a heart full of hope, joy and creative possibility.

Please bring a water bottle and something warm to wear as your temperature can fluctuate during the experience.

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