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The hippest baby classes in South London have come to Ministry of Sound Fitness. Come hang out with your little one under the disco lights and enjoy the many benefits of learning baby massage by expert Eloise Reader,

The welcoming classes will provide a stimulating environment for your baby to thrive in, the course will involve learning the skills of infant massage and a series of themed sensory play.

Proven to promote bonding and relieve symptoms of colic, reflux and other common ailments, our four week baby massage course will teach you everything you need to know about infant massage and provide a relaxed environment to hang out with other local parents. 

The course price includes massage oil, all equipment and a detailed hand out.

The studio is suitable for all things baby, we’ve got space to park the buggies, changing facilities and a comfortable feeding area. You can also grab one of our vegan smoothies after class!

You’ll could be back in the club sooner than you thought!

Some of the many benefits:

Can alleviate trapped wind, soothe colic and alleviate constipation.

Smoothes the transition from womb to world.

Develops babies first language: touch.

Helps regulate and strengthen baby's digestive and respiratory systems.

Improves quality of sleep.

Jaw massage can relax a baby who has begun taking solids.

Strengthens and tones muscles.

Can alleviate the effects of postnatal depression.

Promotes nurturing instinct through stimulation of hormone oxytocin. 

*The course includes 4 weekly classes for £55 on Thursday’s 10am-11am, classes can’t be sold separately.

**Course Starts 22nd November and runs until 13th December

*** On booking into the first class, and purchasing the course you will automatically be booked into all 4 classes

**** Class capacity is capped at 15

Find Us

Ministry of Sound Fitness
Arches 80-81
Newington Court
London, SE1 6DD

020 7740 8726

Opening Times

Monday - Friday
6.00am - 10.00am
5.00pm - 9.00pm
Saturday | 8.00am - 2.00pm
Sunday | 9.30am - 2.30pm

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