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HIIT - Burn Fat

A full body workout to get your heart pumping. With maximum calorie burn, fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning - this session is as intense as you make it. Working to your level, you are pushing your anaerobic capacity, hitting those ‘OMG red zone moments, recovering fast, and going again. Serious endorphin rush rating.

LIFTED - Get Powerful

Lifted teaches you how to lift. With two hawk-eyed expert coaches watching your form, you will learn from the best and gain confidence in lifting. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a total beginner, we're here to support, challenge and help you make small progress. Expect gains, with functional compound movements and plyometrics to be stronger and more powerful, creating a mean physique. You will leave feeling stronger than you came in. Stronger people are harder to kill - coz science.

ENDURANCE - Improve Capacity

Wanna work harder for longer? This is the training you need. Increase your stamina, improving your V02 max, develop your CV system, improve your strength endurance, and achieve that ‘I made it’ moment at the last second. This, is all about survival. That mental capacity to continue at a high intensity, momentarily losing your mind to a tidal wave of drum n bass.

STRENGTH - Get Strong

Strength training isn’t just about bicep curls. We will build strength via functional movement patterns across multiple planes of motion. Using levels of resistance, mastering our own bodyweight, and executing single leg movements to help you build your strength and become more powerful and stable. You will work to develop lean muscle mass, strengthening your whole body, to help you get lean and strong AF.

SHOWCASE - Full Body Fitness

It’s SHOWTIME. We get together and celebrate the gains and life wins! We bring you an epic balance between cardio and strength training to test every element of your fitness. We'll be firing your CV, testing your strength and have some fun with it too. Showcase gives you everything.

REDEMPTION - Build Strength Endurance

The rules are, there are no rules. You will be at the mercy of our electric programming, working your engine and developing your strength endurance. Expect the unexpected, we care about effort and our job is to support you to challenge yourself. One thing is guaranteed, teamwork, sweat, gains and a LOT of fun. No matter what happened last night... we got you, no judgement remember, welcome to Redemption.

RECHARGE - Recover Hard

We'll help you flush out those aches and pains with active recovery, mobility, and developmental stretching. Let's slow down a few notches, and set those intentions to slay another week. Play hard, recover harder.

FORGE - Run Better

Want to become a better runner? Got a marathon in the bag? Wanna develop more power? Or just want to start running? This is for you. Straight from our incredible global running master trainer’s mind, expect an epic combo of drills and skills, testing your agility, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

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