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Summer On Week Two: Macky Gee

The Box

  1. Macky Gee

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What better way to kick off the biggest party month of the decade than with one of the biggest stars of Drum & Bass! Macky Gee has headlined our club a number of times over the years and every time he leaves us with our jaws on the floor. One of the most technically skilled DJs to set foot in The Box's DJ booth we can't wait for him to give our speakers a proper work out with some high octane DnB selections.

After a full YEAR of lockdown, we're itching for a party like never before! Better days are coming and we're thrilled to announce our opening six weeks of parties at Ministry of Sound London. The full lineup is being finalised as we speak and we’ll update you as soon as we can. For the moment all you need to know is:  bring your crew, we’ll do the rest. Let’s have it!

As with everything at the moment these events are subject to change if the Government alters its current unlocking roadmap. Tickets for any of these events will be eligible for a full refund, or can be used at a later date, should the events move.


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