At long last the worlds of DJs and drinking have collided


It's generally not the biggest secret that most superstar DJs like a drink or two. It's hardly surprisingly, we can scarcely call a taxi without a beer or two, so it's only natural they might want something to take the edge of performing to thousands of people. Plus, nobody wants to be the soberest person in the room, do they?

With the DJing profession's love affair with booze well documented, it seemed only a matter of time before someone on the Internet asked the inevitable question: "what if DJs were booze?"

It's a thought-provoking question, indeed. And one which new Tumblr, Carl Cocktails, aims to thoroughly explore. They've matched the names of headline DJ talent with the world's most popular drinks and presented them with a no-frills photoshop aesthetic.

Have a look at some of our favourite below.








See more over at Carl Cocktails.


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