When was the last time you truly lost yourself on the dance floor?


Few clubs risk hosting nights where punters are provided with experiences that venture out further than what’s come to be expected from a Friday night out.

It’s why we’re proud to be hosting the inaugural presentation of The Ting Tong Club: a party that’s fuelled by risk. Allow yourself to be taken to places you’d never have thought your imagination might reach with the help of some of London’s most intriguing characters. 

Step into the club like you’ve never seen it before, and allow your mind to wander. Lose yourself on the dancefloor courtesy of Riton, Los Suruba and Leon: masters of the type of music made for after dark.

Concept nights are few and far between, though we’ve found a few that’ll only whet your pre Ting Tong Club appetite. Refresh your memory with some of the most interesting concept nights, from snow-capped raves to day parties that feel like you’re in the belly of Bollywood.


Together 1.0

Immersive and interactive, Together 1.0 brought actors and club goers into a whirl of activity around a story that is born and develops on the dancefloor. Set in a fictional 2024, Together take on the form of a social network built to promote diversity in the arts, via a club night that promises utopia to dystopia in no time at all. Music policy stretches the imagination from Balearic to “deep and dirty house”.  All proceeds from 1.0 are going toward 2.0, though no dates have been released yet.


Elrow Bollywood

What started off as a celebration of the pure pleasure that comes from colour and light has now become an internationally loved clubbing concept. Elrow started in a club of the same name in Barcelona, the European city of delight, and made its way to a summer residency at Space in Ibiza. The ultimate day party, it features dancers, performers and artists committed to lifting the hearts of like-minded partiers. With a new Bollywood concept filled with snake charmers, belly dancers and characters on stilts, it’s fast becoming one of the most interesting parties out there.


Hot Since 82’s Taken

Imagine leaving your inhibitions with your visibility and allowing a DJ to transport you into the unknown. Hot Since 82’s ‘Taken’ concept did just this, as the DJ strove to take the experience of a night out away from the standard tickets-queue-door-smoking area situation of a Saturday night. Inviting fans to put their faith in him as they were led to a secret destination where he’d play all night long in a venue particular to that city. Highlights include party goers being led through snowy mountains by torchlight for the Snowbombing edition of ‘Taken’.


Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville is less immersive, more throw yourself into the deep end. It's held at a time that most people would find themselves leaving a club- the catch being that you’re rocking up on a weekday, busting a gut before a day’s work at the office. Morning Gloryville ravers are one of a kind. Baring smiles and affection not usually seen at 7am on a Wednesday morning. A typical event will usually include party games, face painting, and a lot of free hugs. To see is to believe.


The Ting Tong Club will burst onto the London clubbing scene on 12th March, get tickets and more info here.