Aly & Fila have long been Friday night favourites at The Gallery


The Egyptian duo are two of the nicest guys in trance, and we’re thrilled to learn they’re stepping up to the plate on February 13th to be the first trance act to provide a BBC Radio One Essential mix in two years.

The last effort came in February 2014 from Jordan Suckley. A previous In New DJ's We Trust presenter, he rapidly rose from competition winner to a widely praised leader in his field. 



Suckley had been picked out as a one to watch by trance legend and multiple time winner of DJ of the year, Armin van Buuren. Van Buuren had regularly included his work on his ‘A State of Trance’ radio show, backing his releases in his end of year round ups. 


Rewatch Aly and Fila's set at Ministry of Sound right here


Van Buuren’s own essential mix is one that deserves the attention of any trance fan. A three-hour behemoth that pulled in exclusives, album features and references to the superstar’s “favourite classics and films” in the mix, it aired in 2013, a month after he'd performed with royal company on stage in Amsterdam.



No selection of crucial trance mixes would be complete without a submission from Paul Van Dyk. The Grammy awarded German trance DJ has moved mountains for the genre, cross pollinating his music and status to become an anti-war protestor and an encourager of young people in politics. Now nearly twenty years old, Paul Van Dyk's first essential mix is a testament to his success.



With legendary trance night The Gallery hosted at our very own club, we’ve long had an affiliation with the genre. Away from the essential mix list but still just as crucial are our own Trance Nation albums, with the first release from 1999 being an essential in any collection. 



Finally, to refresh your memory of Aly & Fila and plot what you might expect from their impending essential mix, check out the time they mixed Trance Nation for us right here