The third and final part of our anthropological study of Ultra Music Festival ravers


Catch up with part one and part two


The Psy-Trance Soccer Mom


The Oh-Can-A-Da


The Señorita Squadron


The #UsualCrew


The iPhone Paparazzi


The Tripping At The Burger Bar


The 'Weed Is Definitely Not A Gateway Drug'


The Hungry Bros


The Serial Festival-Caterer


The "Condiments LOL"


The Candy Ravers and Chaperone


The Teetering On The Brink


The Poi Power Couple


The White-Girl-Wasted


The Straight-Through Crew


The Don't Even Think About It


The "I Remember My First Beer"


The Cuddle Puddle


The Miss Ultra 2015 Runner Up


The End Of The Night




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