When Cool Was King

Various Artists

When Cool Was King

Released 20 November 2015

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This Christmas Ministry of Sound is excited to present (drum roll please)… When Cool Was King, a selection of the coolest timeless classics which have defined history and continue to live on as loved and appreciated as ever. This is a selection of songs which are integral to the world we live in, a breath-taking compilation that promises to leave you spell bound.

This release boasts a star studded line up from the original Kings and Queens of cool, to modern day heroines of music. Including legends such as Dean Martin, Etta James, Tina Turner, Bobby Darin, Ray Charles and of course Nat King Cole. These idols feature alongside worldwide superstars such a Michael Buble, Tom Jones and Amy Winehouse.  It has to be said, it would be simply impossible to dream up a better roster than this! This really is the best accompaniment to Christmas 2015.

This super special offering promises to take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, with huge swing soundtracks alongside heartfelt love songs and big band anthems. It truly is music that moves you… in every sense of the word!


This is the quintessential big band swing album - When Cool Was King, from Ministry of Sound.