Grime Time

Various Artists

Grime Time

Released 12 February 2016

Out Now: iTunes | Amazon | Google Play

Ministry of Sound presents the biggest names in the game with Grime Time, mixed by Boy Better Know’s very own DJ Maximum. With a collective following of over 5 Million, Ministry of Sound and the Boy Better Know roster (including Skepta, JME and Wiley) will be working all-out to create an unstoppable, unforgettable grime-wave with this 2 mix compilation featuring the all-stars of the scene.

There’s been no escaping the incredible year the genre had in 2015 with hype building on press reels, TV and cities around the globe. On the 12th February that hype will well and truly explode with this landmark release. Who better to firmly plant the genre that was born out of Garage itself, than Ministry of Sound. With a track list featuring Skepta, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, and the award winning Stormzy, the strength that backs this album is as big as the bars within it.

Mirroring the success of Rapper’s Delight, a visually spectacular ad is locked in for national TV, with a viral-lead online campaign to couple with it, taking advantage of the reach that not only Boy Better Know and Ministry has, but also the names that are connected to it.

Grime has built up its league of legends for long enough, it’s time to get it bursting out of every living room stereo across the country.


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