Go Hard or Go Home

Various Artists

Go Hard or Go Home

Released 08 January 2016

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Every day we make decisions, we make good decisions, and bad decisions sometimes we make decisions on auto pilot not knowing what the outcome. Constantly, we are presented with choices and sometimes it’s hard to make the right one… you know you should probably have that salad, but that Big Mac tastes so good. You know that you don’t need a new pair of raving trainers, but you know how sick they’ll look on the dancefloor and you know you’re always faced with the same dilemma do you GO HARD or do you GO HOME?

The track list is designed for music fans who love current club hits and dance anthems alike and trust MoS to curate the best playlists around – these will be the first two mixes on the album to help you GO HARDER. Mix 3 however will be the latest commercial offering in chilled house – because if you do decide to GO HOME, you can still have a little bit of a party without strolling in the door at 7am.

We kick off this January offering by starting with the second hit record ‘Sweet Lovin’ from the number one selling artist Sigala, swiftly followed by the powerful sounds of Galantis’ ‘Peanut Butter Jelly’ – these massive tracks will warn off any January blues and make you reach for your dancing shoes… but fear not; if you have a dry January in mind – we’ve got you covered with the mellowing sounds of Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ accompanied by Robin Schulz Feat. Francesco Yates’s ‘Sugar’ to make those dark nights seem a little brighter.