Fit In 4

Various Artists

Fit In 4

Released 18 December 2015

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It’s simple, get Fit In 4 minutes with Ministry of Sound…

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has taken the fitness world by storm in 2015, with many gyms & personal trainers jumping on the bandwagon… but unlike many other fitness crazes – HIIT workouts are here to stay.  

 Always hot on the latest trends Ministry of Sound have exclusively created a digital only work out product for iTunes: FIT IN 4… our own high intensity workout brand based on ancient Japanese technique Tabata.  

 We’ve teamed up with the talented fitness coach and Tabata master Lindsay Jay to produce a unique product offering on the iTunes store; 4 exclusive workout videos that are easy to follow, over in minutes (literally) and available from the comfort of your own home. (What more could a girl ask for?)

So the question you now have to ask yourself is…  Are YOU ready to get FIT IN 4


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