Downtown Funk

Various Artists

Downtown Funk

Released 20 April 2015

Ministry of Sound presents Downtown Funk, a brand new collection of one our most loved music genres. With the sun just around the corner what better album to get your groove on and heat things up for the imminent summer ahead, than this 60 track offering of Downtown Funk.

A major influence on disco, funk music is a sound familiar to all having also been heavily sampled in dance related genres ever since including hip hop, house and drum & bass not to mention featuring in countless iconic film soundtracks (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Shaft to name but a few). Of late, the sound has had a huge pop resurgence and looks set to be one of the sounds of 2015.

The essential tunes from your favourite artists all feature including: James Brown, Marvin Gaye, the legendary Michael Jackson, the Academy Award winning ‘Theme from Shaft’ by Isaac Hayes, James Taylor Quartet with the ‘Theme from Starsky & Hutch’, Chic, Bobby Womack, Bobby Byrd, Sly & The Family Stone, Bill Withers, Funkadelic, The Jackson Sisters, The Isley Brothers, The Fatback Band and Aretha Franklin to mention just a few.

60 tracks of the essential grooves and cuts that defined this prolific era of music and cultural change, from Stateside to Southport, these are the records that provided the soundtrack to a generation.

So go uptown to get downtown funk!


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