Chilled Electronic 80s

Various Artists

Chilled Electronic 80s

MOS Chilled Electronic 80s Compilation Packshot
Released 27 May 2016

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Music is shaped by the time and place it’s created… The 80s changes in politics, technology and culture came together to produce an explosion of new sounds that have come to define a generation. 

Over 3 CDs these classic laid back tracks that chart the birth of modern chill-out, chilled dance and electronic today… 

From the pioneering producers of synth; The Human League, Gary Numan and Giorgio Moroder to the immortal David Bowie and the dazzling electro-pop sounds of Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and Boy George… 

Play just one of these epoch defining tracks and you can feel the energy of the era with more from show-stoppers The CureSpandau Ballet and Bryan Ferry that bring to life an alternative side of the decade; One of equal wonder to the dance floor electro classics but also of chilled cool.

Sit back, relax and drift back in time as Ministry of Sound presents… Chilled Electronic 80s.


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