Tommy Trash Inspired

Various Artists

Tommy Trash Inspired

Inspired TommyTrash compilation by Ministry of Sound
Released 17 March 2014

Tommy Trash kicks off the first in a brand new series of full-length compilation records. 

Ministry of Sound's Inspired series asks artists to tell their own story through the records they love. Each edition will be totally unique as each artist documents the records that have inspired their respective journeys to the top. 

Australia's dance music maverick steps up for the inaugural edition and his selection does not disappoint. Picking key tracks from his career along with the genre-defining records of EDM from Vitalic, Deadmau5, Digitalism and others. 

This is as much a journey through EDM as through Tommy's headbanging brain. Tommy himself said, "I really loved the idea of giving my fans an insight into what really influenced and inspired me".


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