Anthems Hip Hop 2

Various Artists

Anthems Hip Hop 2

Anthems HipHop 2 compilation by Ministry of Sound
Released 30 January 2012

Hip Hop Anthems is back to educate you in a sound that is breaking more barriers and reaching an ever-wider audience.

CD 1 kicks off with a lesson from the founders of the scene with tracks from inspirational artists such as Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang, N.W.A, Naughty By Nature and the legendary Grandmaster Flash.

Moving into the second CD we unveil an incredible array of lyrical genius from the names that took hip-hop from the underground to the mainstream, with likes of The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Cypress Hill and the almighty Wu-Tang Clan packing some serious punches.

We ‘rap’ things up with progression into the modern era with a collection of fresh and classic cuts from the biggest chart topping names including 50 Cent, Eminem and Dizzee Rascal.


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