Masterpiece Carl Craig

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Masterpiece Carl Craig

Masterpiece Carl Craig 2014 compilation by Ministry of Sound
Released 24 June 2013

For this instalment of this inspirational series we employed the services of a techno leviathan; a man who hails from the Mecca of Techno, Detroit.

Carl is someone who not only grew up with the sound but is considered to be one of the foremost pioneers of techno, a Grammy-nominated visionary and an artist who has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to making and performing electronic music.

With his label, remixes, original productions and collaborations Carl’s list of achievements is endless, indicative of a man who never stops working and whose depth of musical knowledge is unsurpassed. The concept is simple; a mix of what Carl is playing now, what he’s listening to and what he’s been inspired by. 

Truly an exciting prospect when you consider Carl’s history, his A&Ring for Planet-E and his dynamic DJ sets. Expect an eclectic, diverse selection of influences from The Temptations and Erykah Badu through to underground heroes like Kyle Hall. Breaking new ground is in Carl’s nature so to complete the album he is creating an exclusive composition that will comprise several ‘acts’ – a Masterpiece first.

With his compilation Carl Craig takes us on a very personal journey into his past and present inspirations, while using it as a platform to delve deeper into his own musical experimentations. Be prepared to be educated, invigorated and entertained; another Masterpiece is born.


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