Rinse & Repeat

Riton ft. Kah-lo

Rinse & Repeat

Released 22 February 2016

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Riton is readying the stage for some fresh moves in 2016 with new single ‘Rinse & Repeat’. Originally surfacing to some underground attention at the end of 2015, the track has been newly mixed and mastered for white label release.  

 The double R attack finds the distinguished producer and DJ in peak form and sounding as vital as ever. Bringing together pumping afterhours acid house with a defiantly hedonistic club mantra recited by Lagos, Nigeria based vocalist Kah-lo, ‘Rinse & Repeat’ channels equally the exhilarating sensation of the mid-noughties dance renaissance as much as it feels like an intoxicating mirroring of its time.

Riton’s latest move found him in New York where he holed up for 6 months in an isolated studio above a dumpling factory recording new music. ‘Rinse & Repeat’ is the first track to emerge of this period of creativity ahead of more music to come, including upcoming remixes for Disclosure and Frances.