Hector Couto's Lazer Party Playlist

Hector's Saturday night selections.

Hector's Saturday night selections

Hector Couto will be headlining Siesta's Lazer Party this Saturday so we asked him to put together a pump up playlist that'll have you reaching for the lazers.

Groove Armada Parris Mitchell - "House With Me" (Andrea Oliva Remix) [Snatch! Records]

Gorge - "Phat Dripping" [8bit]

Reboot - "Pollo Al Sillao" (Anna Remix) [Get Physical]

Yoga Queef - "Taking It Back" (Jesse Perez Wuz Here Edit) [Mr. Nice Guy]

FreedomB - "Juicy Groove" [Roush Label]

Steve Silk Hurley - "Jack Your Body" (Ki Creighton Remix) [Balian Records]

Jamie Trench - "It Never Stops" (Chris Carrier Remix) [Roush Label]

Forever - "Coarse" (Mr G Gesture Remix) [Grade 10]

Matthias Tanzmann - "Mahoney Baloney" [Moon Harbour]

Hector Couto - "Climax" [Viva Music]

Hector will headline Siesta: The Lazer Rave this weekend, get tickets here

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Written by Matthew Francey

21 Apr 2017