Eats Everything Releases Eat 'Em Up Video Game

It's called 'Badger Cock's Burger Dash'.

Get a high score and win free guestlist in your hometown

Eats Everything is a man of many tastes, he likes music, he like food, he likes a laugh and he likes gifs of cartoon badgers windmilling their dicks. But rarely have all four loves been combined so succinctly as today. For today is the day he launches a new video game. It's a video game staring a dick-swinging badger. It's called Badger Cock's Burger Dash.

In BCBD you take control of Badger in a Pacman-like setting and and you must gobble up as many burgers as possible while being pursued by the floating heads of four of Eats' DJ mates. You see Jackmaster, Artwork, Skream and Carl Cox for some reason don't want Badger Cock to have his burgers and so they relentless pursue them around the maze. When they eventually catch up with you, you'll get a score and if you're the high score of the week you'll get free guestlist to Eats' next show in your town.

It's a thing of beauty and it's surprisingly addictive, give it a go here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

03 Mar 2017