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What do we know about Jay Kay in 2017?

What do we know about Jay Kay in 2017?

What do we know about Jay Kay in 2017? Well it's much the same as we've always known about him. He likes cars. He likes hats. He likes dancing. He likes beautiful women. It'll be no surprise, then, that the video for "Cloud 9" features all of the above.

"Cloud 9" is our second glimpse of Jamiroquai's eight studio album, Automaton, after last month's title track reveal. The video was shot in Almeria Spain and is designed as a "Tarantino-inspired homage to the iconic visuals for the band's smash single "Cosmic Girl". 

We're not so sure about the Tarantino element - there isn't a drop of blood or a hamburger in sight - but the video does pair well with "Cosmic Girl". Jay Kay's moves are surprisingly on point and the vintage sports cars are present and correct. Oh, and if you found yourself squinting, to see it that was Penelope Cruz... Well you were wrong, but it is her sister, Monica, so props for noticing the family resemblance.

Automaton will be released on 31st March, get more info here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

22 Feb 2017