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Laidback Luke picks five big tracks for this Friday's Gallery outing.

Laidback Luke picks five big tracks for this Friday's Gallery

Our Gallery pub quiz fact of the day, is that Luke in fact started out as a Techno artist – going back to his roots by playing a totally Techno set in New York towards the latter end of 2016. For Luke’s first London show of 2017, we look forward to some throbbing ‘heads down’ beats along with those more vibrant elements of the electronic spectrum which always get The Box heaving. 

Also on offer are tracks from Luke’s own ‘Mixmash Records’ imprint, a platform to showcase all sounds from deep house to tougher takes. Rest assured Luke will be going all in for this eagerly anticipated return to The Box.

Laidback Luke & Ralvero - "XOXO" Feat. Ina

Laidback Luke: Taking it a bit poppier with this one. Last year I released all bangers after my Focus album.  This year I want to try and get some tracks onto the radio. Funny enough it's been working well in my sets too! This might be the best track I have released until now!

Dropgun - "Nobody"

Especially for the UK, this is such a massive vocal if you remember The Prodigy - "No Good". So it's very tricky to use it and often done wrong. For this one however, the instrumental and flip is so strong, it instantly became a favourite!

Nytrix - "Love Never Dies" (Laidback Luke Remix)

On the dancefloor side, I've been taking it back to my 2008 sound and mixing it with 2017 mastering. This remix is a good example for that. I've heard from fellow DJs who know me from that time, how spot on this remix is. Super happy with it!

Herve Pagez - "Bangit"

This just released on my ‘Ones To Watch’ label. Been playing a lot of good old Dutch House again and this one is exactly that.

Juyen Sebulba & CAPTiSM - "Choo Choo" ft. Snappy Jit

Juyen Sebulba released this on the Barong Family label and this is simply put Dutch madness! Taking it next level with the vocal on the drop, if you listen to this and know my sets then you'll know this is something I'd drop during the peak time section.

Witness Laidback Luke's return to The Gallery, Friday 24th February, tickets & info here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

21 Feb 2017