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Three Tracks For 3D

Dave Seaman, Danny Howells and Darren Emerson combine to create dance music's newest super group.

Three guaranteed bangers from dance music's newest supergroup,  3D at The Gallery this Friday

Dave Seaman and Danny Howells joined forces last July to devastating effect at The Gallery to orchestrate a scintillating B2B session. The night was given added electricity thanks to their wealth of experience playing live and their strong bond outside the booth. So much fun was had by all, that the pair specifically asked to return but with another esteemed friend in tow. The more the merrier of course, so we're thrilled to welcome Dave and Danny and new addition, Darren Emerson to the decks this Friday.

This hat-trick of pioneers within their respective genres join forces to launch the concept ‘3D’. A blistering B2B2B in The Box for a tasty extended session, this world exclusive and inaugural performance will have the dance floor atmosphere intensified - showcasing refined house, progressive, techno and all in between.

In honour of such an historic occasion, we've got each artist to pick a track they're guaranteed to be dropping during the 3D mayhem.

Dave Seaman - "Voodoo"

Dave Seaman: My new single for Selador will definitely be getting an airing at 3D. It’s been a biggie for me all over the festive period and still gets fantastic reactions every time I play it. What kind of voodoo do you do?

Darren Emerson - "Daschine"

Darren Emerson: This choice never fails get the crowd rocking wherever I play. A track I released on my Detone imprint last year, Daschine.

Sebastien San - "Rising Sun"

Danny Howells: Something older from me... A timeless beauty that I still drop all the time and which always reminds me of the first time I played it at Ministry many years ago. I never get bored of this.

Witness history in the making at The Gallery, Friday 17th February, tickets & info here

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Written by The Gallery

14 Feb 2017