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The Dance Music World Reacts To Trump Inauguration

The Trump Inauguration Special.

Everything you missed from the world of dance music this weekend

Dance Music World Reacts To Trumps Inauguration

Not sure if you noticed, but on Friday reality TV star and one-time Stone Cold Stunner receiver, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday. Although the event was largely boycotted by the music world, American DJs and producers were sharing their feelings on social media. Moby, who when asked to play the inauguration concert replied with "hahahahaha" probably summed up the mood most succinctly. Others to voice their concerns included Diplo, Deadmau5 and The Black Madonna.

Trump Press Secretary Claims To Be A "Daft Funk" Fan

Speaking of Trump, his press secretary has been facing ridicule after old tweets of him proclaiming to be a Daft Punk fan, yet calling them "Daft Funk" and telling them to remove their helmets have emerged. Perhaps even more concerning is that, given he's a press secretary, he doesn't seem to proofread his own tweets.


And the last story on the Trump train, come from The Gorillaz who's much hyped fifth studio album is due this year. The first track from the new album emerged over the weekend and it caries a distinct anti-trump message.

There's A New TV Show About Berlin's Club Scene

And finally, amongst all the bad news there's this little gem. 2016 was a year of terrible dance music movies, but 2017 is shaping up to the year of the terrible dance music TV show. We've got Calvin Harris and Will Smith's upcoming dance music sitcom and now we've got Lost generation. The show revolves around an American girl who comes to the famed clubbing mecca to find her missing brother. Each episode is 12 minutes long and will be released every Friday on YouTube. You can watch all of Ep01 above.

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Written by Matthew Francey

23 Jan 2017