James Van Der Beek To Play Diplo In New TV Show

When life becomes Wunderground.

It's called What Would Diplo Do?

We're only five days into 2017 and already it's shaping up to be even more of a 'WTF even happened?' year than 2016. To non-satirical news, and James Van Der Beek, otherwise known as Dawson from Dawson's Creek, has just been confirmed to be playing Diplo in a new TV Series based on the artist's life.

Even more bizarrely, the show will air on Vice's TV channel, Viceland, and will be the first steps into non fiction for the media company. The idea apparently came around after someone at Vice watched the above trailer for the 2016 edition of Diplo's Mad Decent Block Party. The trailer covers a day in the life of Diplo and sees the Dawson's Creek star take on the role of Wes.

The trailer is admittedly a great - if guilty - watch, but it's hard to imagine it being strung into anything longer than three minutes without becoming unbearable. That said, with the past two years seeing a deluge of EDM cash-in docs, films and reality shows, it's unlikely to be the the worst translation of EDM to screen. That honour lies, now and forever, with We Are Your Friends.

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Written by Matthew Francey

05 Jan 2017