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Justice Postpone Essential Mix

Also Nina Kraviz and The Black Madonna take on the trolls and Hud Mo releases new music.

All the news you missed from the world of dance music this weekend

Justice Postpone Eagerly Awaited Essential Mix

Justice's return to the Essential Mix after a nine year absence, has been postponed because "they have been so busy". The message came at the 11th hour from the Ed Banger Records Twitter account. With their third studio album due on Thursday and the duo on something of an unofficial secret world tour, we can forgive them for not coming through this time. Fans can take solace in news that the mix will drop later this year instead. The BBC tINI was waiting in the wings to make her Essential Mix debut.

Hudson Mohawke Released First Track Off Watch Dogs 2 Soundtrack

Since 2015's masterpiece, Lantern, new music from Glasgow's Hud Mo has been few and far between. But fans of bassy maximalism needn't wait any longer as Ross has revealed the first track from his Watch Dogs 2 soundtrack, Shanghaied. "Play N Go" features some of the melancholy of Lantern, teamed with the big beats of Butter and we think it's pretty great.

The Black Madonna Hits Out At Donald Trump

As the rest of the world still tried to process the election of Donald Trump, many Americans took to the streets of major cities to protest his election. While people have taken to the streets, many of America's musicians have used their platforms to voice their distaste. One such artist is underground DJ sensation, The Black Madonna. A vocal campaigner for LGBTQ and minor rights, the DJ penned a heartfelt editorial for Dazed & Confused magazine. You can read a quote from the article below, and the full editorial here

“You hear this, Mr. Trump. You have messed with the wrong people. We have suffered indignities that you cannot fathom as a rich white man. And we have fought our way out. We are never ever going back. And if I can live through those years of hell, where it was me and my mom against the world, and still win and rise to the level of excellence that God granted me in spite of everything, then I will live through you or fight you to the bitter end.”  – The Black Madonna

Nina Kraviz Explains Set To Critics

The Black Madonna wasn't the only DJ taking on trolls this weekend, as Nina Kraviz penned a lengthy post explaining a recent set on a beach in Australia. According to Kraviz, some attendees had requested their money back after they claimed she hadn't played techno. Over the course of the post Kraviz details her set and explains why she considered it to be almost entirely techno. Hopefully the post puts the trolls to bed and respect to Kraviz for standing up to them, you can read the post in full here.

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14 Nov 2016