Aphex Twin Releases US Election Day Video

Spolier Alert: It's grim.

Get pumped for a new president with Aphex Twin

It's finally here - election day 2016! All across America, people will be flocking to polling stations to cast their vote in what's got to be the most controversial election in modern history. While Britain, along with the rest of the world, can only look on from the sidelines, one of our most note-worthy artists has decided to make one last plea to the US electorate.

Aphex Twin has come out of his synth cave to encourage Americans to vote with a brief election message. The video, which has a runtime of 42 seconds, but feels like two hours, shows the inevitable (according to Richard D James) nuclear war that will emerge regardless of which candidate gets voted in. So that's reassuring.

Oh and just incase Mr. James is mistaken about the inevitable destruction of the world, there's a handy reminder about his highly anticipated show at Day For Night Festival in Texas next month.

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Written by Matthew Francey

08 Nov 2016