Martin Garrix
Is DJ Mag's
No.1 DJ 2016

Twenty year old Martin Garrix was voted the No.1 DJ in the world.

In a devastating blow to their marketing team, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were knocked off the top spot

Twenty year old, Martin Garrix, was voted the No.1 DJ in the world in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll at a ceremony in Amsterdam last night. Garrix was presented his award by fellow Dutchman and three-time poll-topper Tiesto.

The two embraced on stage and a beaming Garrix thanked the crowd, Tiesto and his mum.

Garrix is the youngest DJ to ever top the DJ Mag poll, or as the presenters inaccurately referred to him, "the youngest DJ in the world". 

The reveal was the culmination of a bizarre ceremony that somehow managed to seem even more pointless than Eurovision. Other Awards dished out included "Highest Hard" which was for the highest scoring hard house DJ (AngerFist at No.46) and the "Audi Untaggable Award", which seemed to serve no purpose other than fulfilling a contractually-obligated product placement. Oh it went to Don Diablo, because... he was there?

Easily the most bizarre moment of the night came when a guy from a charity that works to clean up the ocean was inexplicably brought out to name Oliver Heldens the winner of "Highest House". This would've made sense if there was a VT showing his organisation's work, or even if the guy had a short speech prepared. Instead we got the sum total of "it's great to be here" and "Oliver Heldens!' while everyone at home squinted to see what the hell was written on his tee shirt.

The rest of the poll consisted of the usual rejigging of the entire Tomorrowland line up plus Daft Punk thrown in for good measure. A lot has been written about the problems of this poll, and and there's really no point in writing about it here because they never listen, but probably the best assessment of the whole charade came from Dillon Francis, which you can watch here.

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Written by Staff

20 Oct 2016