Pete Tong's Orchestral
Tribute To
Frankie Knuckles

The Radio One dance titan has teamed up with The Heritage Orchestra.

The Frankie Knuckles classic gets an Orchestral rework

Radio One dance titan Pete Tong, has teamed up with the Heritage Orchestra for a moving tribute to house legend Frankie Knuckles. "Our Love" was the signature tune from the late producer and has been reinterpreted into an orchestral banger for Pete's new project Orchestral House.

Featuring original vocalist, Jamie Principle, you can listen to the track above and see what Pete had to say about the track below.

"The man was a giant in terms of his influence on dance and electronic music and he had a major impact on my life. His legacy is so profound.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to re record his classic track with Jules Buckley and The Heritage Orchestra with new vocals by the original singer Jamie Principle.

To me this song is house music royalty and I hope we can spread the word a little further..." - Pete Tong

Pete will be performing this and other reinterpreted classics with The Heritage Orchestra on a three-date tour, tickets and info here.

Pete Tong's Classic House is out on 25th November 

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Written by Matthew Francey

18 Oct 2016