Daft Punk Will Headline Glastonbury
Next Year

According to "well-sourced information".

A new article from eFestivals claims the robots will be returning to Worthy Farm

Speculation that Daft Punk will be touring in 2017 is reaching fever pitch. The general theory goes that the Robots tour every ten years, 1997, 2007 and therefore the must tour in 2017, but over the past few weeks, additional evidence has emerged to add weight to the theory.

First there was Daft Punk releasing a collaboration with The Weeknd - the first new music from their camp since 2013's Random Access Memories. Then a mysterious website appeared which seemed to be counting down to a tour announcement. We think the latter is probably bullshit, but it didn't stop the world from going into speculation overdrive.

Now eFestivals have set dance music fans abuzz with an article claiming they have information that the robots will be headlining Britain's biggest festival next June.

The meat of the article concerns speculation that Radiohead will be the festival's Saturday headliner, with only a single sentence dedicated to the Friday and Sunday headline slots. e-Festivals "strongly believes" the Sunday headliner will be The Stone Roses, while they claim they have "what should be well sourced information" that Daft Punk will top the bill on Friday.

Whether this information is as well-sourced as they claim remains to be seen, but I think every dance fan in Britain is willing it to be true.

As we wait for confirmation on whether or not we'll see an Alive 2017, reacquaint yourself with their brilliance via this Legends Playlist.

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Written by Matthew Francey

17 Oct 2016