Talking With Matthias Tanzmann

The Circoloco resident on his new album, Ibiza and the secret to a lengthy career.

Matthias Tanzmann has been a key figure in the underground for over two decades

Few names are as widely respected as that of Matthias Tanzmann. After entering the scene in the mid nineties the German DJ and producer has become synomnous with credibly, forward-thinking deep and tech house. As he drops his first album in eight years, we spoke to the Circoloco resident about Momentum, Ibiza and the secret to a lengthy career.

MoS: Hi Matthias! Where in the world are you right now and what are you doing?

Matthias: Hi, I am in Buenos Aires, having a few days off between two weekends of gigs in South America as part of my album release tour.

You’ve been in the DJ game for two decades now, what’s the secret to a lengthy career?

My career has developed step by step and consistently as far as I can say that. I have always put in a lot of effort into making music and I am probably amongst the DJs playing the largest number of gigs a year. That is essential to stay relevant.

How did you begin your career, where you a DJ first or producer?

Both pretty much at the same time. Even though it was far from a professional level. I started to practice mixing vinyl as a teenager with a friend and pretty much at the same time we were experimenting around with a Yamaha SY85 workstation to create our first rudimental tracks.

What was the moment when you realised that dance music was now your occupation?

It was a slow evolution. After school I went to university and made some money as a DJ to be able pay my invoices. After I graduated from university I was already playing international gigs, so I was never on that crucial point to decide whether I work in a regular job or take the risk to go professional as a DJ.

You’re a resident at DC10’s Circoloco, one of the best parties on the island, for those who haven’t been explain what they’re missing out on.

Circoloco at DC10 started 18 years ago as the after party to the Sunday at Space. Not official of course. It used to be about 50-100 people in the beginning and it ran from 8am Monday morning. It was mainly Italian DJs and their friends playing. Over the years it attracted the craziest characters and people came in costumes. Meanwhile DC10 became a big club with some of the best DJs headlining every Monday. It starts late afternoon until late night and is considered to be one of the best parties on the Island. Quality music has always been essential at Circoloco.

It seems as though 2016 has been a year of significant change for Ibiza, what do you expect from 2017, do you think it can retain its crown as the global dance capital?

I don’t see any other place competing for that title at the moment. But for sure there will be changes. I can’t predict how it is going to go, but there have always been changes in Ibiza and I am sure we will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the island next year.

Now that the closing parties are over for another year, where do you spend your time? What’s your winter schedule like?

My album release tour started on October 1st and will take me all around the world until end of December. I am very excited about that. From January on I will take some weeks off.

You’ve just released your second full length album, Momentum. Talk us through the project, what was your inspiration? Did you experience any ‘difficult second album’ problems?

I have taken my time before doing that album. My last album Restless came out eight years ago. I didn’t put pressure on myself to start working on a new album, so I didn’t have a hard time finishing it. It just happened when the time felt right for me.

Which tracks on Momentum are you most excited for people to hear?

I think it should be listened to in full length. But already the first track Tamarind will give a good impression what the album is about.

Do you have a recommended listening environment for the album? In a club, on the road, at home etc?

A lot of people told me they really enjoy listening to it while driving in their car. At home would be very fitting too. Only a few tracks on the album are made straight for the club.

Finally, when you’re not doing anything related to music or your career, how do you spend your down time?

Doing some sports and relax. And I enjoy going to museums and art exhibitions.

Momentum is out now, get it here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 Oct 2016