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Top Five Trance

We got John Askew, Simon Patterson, Dave Pearce, Scott Bond and Matt Darey to pick their ultimate trance tracks.

We got John Askew, Simon Patterson, Dave Pearce, Scott Bond and Matt Darey to pick their ultimate trance tracks

Ahead of this Friday’s showcase at The Gallery. John and Simon will be going  6 hours B2B, all night long in The Box – with Trance classics from the others in the 103 room. 


John Askew: Ronald van Gelderen “This Way” (John Askew Remix)

John Askew: One of my fav vocal tracks of all time. Absolutely love this record so it was a joy to remix. Really cool melancholic vibe but still peak time and takes the roof off every time I play it. It’s available now on my SC for free download.

Simon Patterson:

Simon Patterson: It’s an old one - but I’ve been playing this a lot recently because it’s just so insane. Blazer is such a genius and then when you add Beatman & Ludmilla into the mix you know the outcome is going to be different level. Just a bonkers record through and through.


Dave Pearce: Push - "Strange World" (2000 Remake)

Dave Pearce: There are so many awesome trance classics that have been a large part of my career, so it’s impossible to pick just one. However a record that is very dear to my heart is Push - "Strange World", I remember the first time I heard the promo (in the days of good old vinyl) - was so blown away I played it over and over again. In those days I was doing Drivetime and Dance Anthems on BBC Radio One - I decided to make it my record of the week on Drivetime and remember the producers saying "how can you play this on daytime radio?" I said it has to be heard and luckily it got a brilliant reaction. This tune was a mainstay of my sets in Ibiza and to me this is a perfect example of how Trance music can take you on a journey, there’s something very deep and enriching about it. Every time I get goosebumps still, after all these years. Perfection!

Scott Bond: Scott Bond Vs Solarstone - "3rd Earth"

Scott Bond: No classics list is complete without this bad boy! Solarstone and myself  talked and talked about making a track together - in fact it took us three years to finally get together and start work on the track. We had all been looking for a sample to start a track with, I was sat in my lounge watching TV, then on came the orange picture messaging advert (just when picture messaging was launched). I instantly knew Rich would love the sample and quickly found out what it was. The track flowed more or less straight away. We joked and said we should call it three years, as that’s how long it took to make, albeit in that last two weeks of the three years. We toyed around with various plays on three years, Finally Rich said …. “What about 3rd Earth?”  and I know its clichéd but the rest is history.

Matt Darey: Binary Finary - "1998" (Matt Darey Remix)

Matt Darey: 1998 is one of the key tracks to define that era when trance took a foothold on both the underground and the mainstream scenes. I was out every weekend partying to hard to tunes like this, making music on the week days. Had many a crazy night to this one and will definitely drop this along with all those other classics I remixed and produced back in the day - like ATB's "Till I Come".

All these artists and more will be playing The Gallery on Friday 7th October, tickets here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

04 Oct 2016