The New Daft Punk Tour Website Is Probably A Hoax

But we're kind of excited anyway.

A mysterious website is adding fuel to the flames of a Daft Punk tour in 2017

Prepare to get very excited and then either exponentially more excited or massively disappointed because we now have a non-verified countdown to Alive 2017. Daft Punk fans super fans worked them into a tizz this morning after reddit user SquirlyBiscuits posted a link leading to

By now you should know the background Daft Punk have only ever done two tours - Alive 1997 and Alive 2007, so doing the maths, they're due one next year. These longstanding theory has gained even more prominence in recent days as Daft Punk have released their first new music since 2011's Random Access Memories and their name appeared on a leaked (non-verified) lineup poster for Lollapalooza.

Now this site has emerged and while it sure does look like a legit holding page for the robots, it also seems a little low budget. So get your tinfoil hats out as we go through the looking glass deep into the world of Daft Punk conspiracy theory.

Arguments It's Real No.1 - There's A Hidden Countdown

When you come to the Alive 2017 page, you're greeted by the "ALIVE' and nothing more. However eagle-eyed fans have zoomed in on the text and found a set of numbers contained in the "I" of "ALIVE". If the numbers as Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds, then it means something is going to happen on 27th October. This is further backed up by a line in the source code that reads: “WAKE DATE 2016-10-27.” 

Arguments It's Real No.2 - There Are Hidden Tour Locations

Speaking of source code, once the Daft Punk reddit community got a hold of this, they went to town and managed to find the following code:

48 51 24 2 21 03
34 03 118 15
51 30 26 N 0 7 39
40 7128 74 0059
35 6895 139 6917
23 5505 46 6333
39 0200 1 4821
33 7206 116 2156

What seems like a random collection of numbers to the untrained eye, in fact turns out to be a series of coordinates. The Coordinates for Paris, LA, London, New York, Tokyo, Sau Paulo, Ibiza and Indio (Coachella) to be precise. Now when you add all those places together, and consider Daft Punk's history with Coachella, that sure does look like a list of places they'd hit up on a world tour.

Argument It's Real No.3 - Hidden References To Interstella 555

Remember Daft Punk's feature length anime film? Well one of the main characters in that was called Shep. The mysterious reddit user who DM'd SquirlyBiscuits the original link to Alive 2017 was called spaceshep. Also in the source code of the website is the line: “//SHEP LOGGED OUT.” So there's that.

Argument It's Not Real No.1 - It's Pretty Budget

Everyone knows the robots don't like to do press and they prefer to drop projects with little to no warning, so in theory putting up a simple website with a hidden countdown is right up their street. But when you really look at it, that website does not look like the work of Daft Punk. It's basic, un-stylized and just a bit amateur. When Daft Punk teased get lucky, they put up billboards in capital cities all around the world and played 10 second teasers at major music festivals. Basically they spend a lot of money. I'm not saying that money is everything, but considering they have more now than ever, and the fact that Alive 2017 - if it happens - could very well be their swan song, you'd think they'd do something a bit more flashy than a basic website and some 'hidden coding'.

Argument It's Real No.2 - If They're Going To Tour They'll Announce It Next Year

There's just too much going on from the French House camp in Q4 of 2016 for them to announce a tour. Mr Oizo has just dropped his 6th studio album and Justice's is coming in November. And while Daft Punk aren't members of Ed Banger, you've got to think they're still in touch with Pedro at least. If Daft Punk announced a 2017 tour just a few days before Justice drop their 3rd album, it'd really take the wind out of the sails of Justice's campaign. Admittedly this is one of the weaker arguments, but when you consider that the music business is just that - a business - it's not a sound business move.

Argument It's Not Real No.2 - The Website Is Registered In Panama

And nothing legit has ever been registered in Panama.

If we had to bet, we're going with hoax, but we'll still be heading straight to on October 27th to find out.

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Written by Matthew Francey

05 Oct 2016